6 Fascinating Roads That Demand To Be Seen

In our last two articles, we’ve checked out some of the coolest roads in existence. We actually had quite some success with those articles, and we’ve decided to curate another list of the greatest roads on Earth.

We are quite privileged to have such gorgeous sights available to view on this planet of ours, and that’s why we decided to collect more images. You’ll get a quick, whistle-stop tour through the most fascinating and mind-blowing roads on our great planet. Prepare to be amazed!

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  1. A Road In Romania

Wow! This photograph has to be one of the most impressive and striking photos I’ve ever seen. With its black and white style, it emits such striking and bold vibes.

This road is certainly a quiet one, but there is something wonderfully gorgeous and ethereal about that idea. The road seems to dissolve into the horizon, promising the biker to places still unseen. If you let your eye wander to the horizon, you’ll find that the horizon can lead you to anywhere. I reckon it brings the biker to the seaside, but others think it brings them to more greenery and wide, expansive landscapes. While we’ll never find out, we can only imagine, and the beauty is in the interpretation, I guess.

The trees and cirrus clouds are a direct contrast to one another, for sure. They create such an effective contrast and elicit a strange type of mystery for sure.

Even though this photo is in black and white, it does showcase the beauty of Romanian roads and the tranquility that can be found by their side.

  1. Israel

I adore this road for its transcending landscapes and stunning, sandy rock.  One could very easily mistake this sight to be situated in Colorado or Nevada in the US, but it’s actually in Israel! Of course, the sandy, silting sand creates such a raw atmosphere, but the entrenchment of the road in the sand is such a gorgeous sight.

If you let your eye wander to the bottom of the mountains in the distance, you’ll see the possibility of mirages arise. These mirages are a gentle, cerulean color, and may or may not contain water. There’s a certain eloquent mystery in that idea, for sure! We, at Cycle Heart, would adore to ride down this road.

  1. Scottish Moorland

This road could be a part of a fantasy world (I’m thinking “Game Of Thrones” for starters!) or a Scottish moorland, but it certainly has a magical air about it. The thin road meanders through the green mountain, curving in and out of the solid earth. I adore how the road moves into the horizon, but it’s impossible to know for sure whether it continues in this meandering fashion or if it reaches a nearby destination. I reckon it reaches a small village at some point, but I cannot really be sure!

For mysterious, mystical vibes – this road is the one I’d love to visit someday!

  1. Iceland

This white house may look quite lonely, as it stands by itself beside a lonely hillside, but it does have some stunning views surrounding it! The biomes and mountains provide such a three-dimensional contrast to the flatness of the Earth surrounding them, and the house finds itself wedged in the grooves and ridges of this great landscape.

Yes, while the house is by itself, I’m sure it would be a wonderful retreat to go to! Our focus here is not on the house, but on the road beside it. To get to drive down the gravel road would be a treat in itself, simply because of the beauty of the soaring mountains and grooving ridges of the landscape.

This area seems to capture the essence of the serenity found in our great world.

  1. Brazil

For more futuristic vibes, just look at this stunning underpass! With a wide gap showcasing the roaring city above, this Brazilian underpass has all the facets of a thrilling road. With sharp and ascending views above, I would do anything to see this someday! The skyscrapers really do capture the futuristic flair of the city, but I love how they feature in the gap or small window below them. I could spend all day looking through the gap, and marveling at the wonders of the city.

Certainly, this road is an architectural wonder and beauty, since whomever designed it came up with such an ingenious, perfect plan. The gap certainly allows both pedestrians to look down at the traffic rumbling beneath them, while the bikers below can look up at the wonders of our world.

  1. USA

Wow, this is just another stunning road! This road finds itself suspended in midair as it floats through pine forests and ridged mountains. It would certainly be incredibly thrilling to ride down this road and feel the wind rip on your skin as you curve through the road.

The engineers that designed this road were certainly thinking ingeniously when they decided to suspend the road and have it stand up with concrete pillars. The pillars really add an architectural touch to the road, even though the road needs the pillars to survive!

I would just adore the thought of riding down this road, winding over the tops of trees and breathing in the cool air from the clouds.

What a wonderful road!

Final Thoughts: Roads Are Breathtaking, For Sure

Roads contain some of the most breathtaking sights on Earth. Hopefully, from this article, you’ve gotten a feel for the most fascinatingly thrilling roads found on our beautiful planet.

These roads are historically sacred and they should be there to be witnessed by our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. Every human deserves to see the beauty found on our planet.

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We have a question for you: Have you got any more favorite roads you’d like us to check out? We just might feature it in our next installment of this series. Give us coordinates or location names, if you can.

Thanks so much for reading.

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