About Us

We are who ride as one to destinations and trips all around the world. Riding on two wheels is our pride and joy for life. Some of us have been riding as small kids and started off on dirt bikes and grew to the Motorcycle. Many people judge us by our looks and remember” do not judge a book by it’s cover”. About 98% of bikers you can trust with your life and valuables as we are honorable members of the biker world. A percentage of us are in clubs and some are not, there are some Lone Wolves that like to ride with others and the difference is with them is they may leave the ride and decide to go another direction. The point is, we all get along for the most part and respect another and respect the road rules for safety for all. Did you realize that most biker clubs and groups started from individuals who returned from the GI from the WWII era? I have spoken to people who where in combat together and they formed a club and been riding since.

When we ride we also ride for others and when I say we ride for others I mean we ride for a good cause to help someone or some cause. Every holiday we ride to collect unwrapped gifts for the unfortunate children or the children who are ill and in the hospital. Right now, it is Fall and as many of you know Fall is National Bike month as the most enjoyable time to ride unlike the hot summer months or cold winters. If you are one of the lucky ones and live in the warm states the winter is perfect but at night can be quite cold so fall is the best time to ride all over the USA. Many of us riders travel the world and take our bikes on the ships for transport then continue to ride as well and take memorable photos to share with those who can not travel. I will say one the most beautiful scenic routes to ride is held in Sturgis in the pine forested mountains of the Black Hills makes an unforgettable motorcycle ride taking in that wind therapy is something I can not explain how awesome that feeling is.

Two Wheels for Life is what we live by as we ride in any weather and we have by the road rules. We also, have all the biker wear for any type of ride or weather. One thing we all have on our bikes is the Guardian bells and if someone does not have one some other rider will get that rider one.

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