DOT Helmet

Are you aware that helmets meeting the safety standards have sturdy chin straps with solid rivets and a year of manufacture, construction materials, and owner’s information? The helmet is a great tool for helmets of any type. Helmets are useful as a safety gear to prevent injuries in uncontrolled environment. It is recommended to always check out the consumer reports here and there. As a reality check, ask any club about effectiveness. There are helmets that are called the “half shell” where many people like those better than the full head helmet. Personally, I like the full helmet support. Before you order the helmet, it is best to get sized somewhere as the half shell helmets can run a little big. Helmets are not able to be returned for safety reasons ever.

With part of the safety check test is to drop the DOT helmet from a six-foot height on the flat anvil and from a 4.5-foot height. The manufacturer performs their own test and determines if their helmets are DOT approved. The DOT standards are important because they outline the minimum requirements all motorcycle helmets must meet, which has already saved countless lives. So many accidents on the road and so many people texting while driving and do not pay attention the motorcyclist on the road. When you are just driving your motorcycle or vehicle just look around carefully and you will see more than one-person texting and driving. I guarantee you will see their head facing down because they are texting. The DOT helmet is something people should wear these days since texting came out. Driving the bike on the road is not the same as before even though it has always been a danger but yet getting that second wind on the motorcycle feels refreshing. If you are going to look for a helmet the DOT is the way to go.

There are many designs for these helmets and colors. Some people like the plain helmets with just the black color and no designs but many also like the designs. I have seen a nice DOT helmet with a fairy design on the black helmet with purple in color on the helmet. I will say the American eagle helmet is darn popular and I have seen that particular design on others in passing or just an acquaintance I know. You will feel safer with this DOT helmet of any style.

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