Event at the Johnathan Prince Park October 4th

This past Sunday was an event held to raise money for the family’s funeral cost. There was a horrible crime that happened to a motorcycle members daughter and her friends at an young age. The event was so well put together and so organized from such caring people and motorcycle members. All the people just came together as one and was doing whatever they could for another to help the young kids family’s out. The food was only five tickets so that was $5.00 and there was also a bouncy house for the kids. Some woman baked so much amazing treats and desserts for one dollar. The band was excellent and played all day long on a beautiful day with a nice breeze that came time to time throughout the entire day. People had their dogs with them also as this was a true family day to help with a good cause. Violence is everywhere and seeing so many people together helping was a nice scenery. Strangers just would ask if they could help carry things for people while setting up. It was awesome as this is how America should be as one. The motorcycle clubs worked there hardest just grilling all day long for people and answering any questions one may have had. The raffle was amazing and very generous as well. All proceeds went to the young girl’s family as it should have. Funerals are not cheap at all if you don’t know that. They are in the high thousands and are a financial burden especially when you do not expect that to happen. My heart was toughed at how amazing everyone just pulled together as one and made the day a nice day also for all especially small kids. Kids were having a blast at the park just running around and playing. Let’s just hope there are no more sad and violent crimes to people close to us but as we all know violence is everywhere and nonstop. I can see why people are part of motorcycle clubs as they truly are Family to them. This was a touching event that i witnessed with so much care and love from everyone even strangers to strangers. You do know we do not see that much anymore in this world.

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