Military Rings

First of all, you probably want to know the material of these rings, right? These are 100% pure 360 Stainless steel. Did you know that China offers this but when you ask more questions they have part titanium in the material? Don’t get me wrong as I like titanium but what about that person who is allergic anything but pure stainless steel. That is crazy to even think it is OK to sell that. Our rings are made here in the United States of America and that is true. It is very difficult to even find someone in the US to make those and you have to be very careful and make sure they are truly genuine material and made where they state they are made at. These Military rings are smooth for comfort inside the band so when you wear this all day and sweat you are not uncomfortable. Comfort is very important I feel for that person as I want to wear something without being uncomfortable. The initials on the branch are cut out perfectly and shine so others can see the branch visibly. The background is coated with black to really make this ring pop out and look good. This is plain looking and not too much as many do not want that goddy look so to speak.

This ring is not too heavy but not very light either. When you find a ring that people state is pure stainless and the ring feels extremely light they are lying to you. The sizes are right on the mark and there are no half sizes so you want to make sure if you want the exact size or go down or up a size. If you are unsure of your size you can always go to a jewelry store in a mall and they will size you for free. These make wonderful gifts for that person as they have meaning to them and most likely yourself as well. The Military is something to be proud of and show off that you served this country and be proud of it. These rings are very inexpensive and you will be happy as you are getting a deal and pure material of stainless steel.

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