Religion and bikers

Were you aware that bikers offer religion services on the road? Christian bikers ride for the love of Jesus. They are good people as well as the bikers who are not religious.  You have a choice in a biker club to be religious or not and they respect that. Respect is an important thing for the motorcycle clubs. Many people used to feel threatened by the church as they would not be accepted inside but that is not the case anymore at all. Things have changed. I do remember once I went in a church in Arizona and I was told I had to leave unless I wore some shawl around my head that looked like lace. Just the woman had to and this was a Catholic church. Man, I felt so unwelcome I just walked out and never came back again. When this happens to people who dress like themselves and get frowned on they turn away from Jesus. This really does not happen anymore and if it does then that church really isn’t a Christian place at all. The bikers take long rides together and they will stop somewhere and all pray together without anyone judging them. Many bikers will wear the Christian patches to represent their religion and beliefs.

These bikers will pray and help anyone weather you are a biker or not. Many feels that when they are riding their motorcycle they are at the most spiritual time of their life. “If the Christian community could ever get to the point in their walk with God and fellow Christians like the way bikers walk with each other, it would be a whole different prospect.”

There is a Christian biker named John Rumley who at 16 years old bought his first Harley in 1974. Decades later he really got into the biker community and started to help children in need especially for the holidays. John is big in the religious community also and has special rides for the prayers for others in need of support and guidance. Many biker clubs participate in Christmas for children especially the Christian biker clubs. Seeing the bikers all together praying and being around another is something really spiritual to see and makes me almost want to get back in the Christian life style again.

Have you ever heard of a biker named Steve Ervin from North Carolina? A former member of the Outlaws motorcycle club back in the day. Well, this biker started the Laboring Few Biker Ministry in 1990 to give motorcyclist the opportunity to worship. It is amazing how the bikers stick together and try to make things work for everyone weather in their club or not. These are interesting individuals with huge hearts as many bikers are full of kindness and especially honor.

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