True Bikers

I have heard peoples say “What is a real biker” and does a biker have to wear leather with patches on the vest? A true biker does not have to wear leather or patches at all. When people think of a biker they think of a beard for the guys and large beer belly for the woman and they also think they have a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. Do bikers that are true bikers have to ride a Harley Davidson or an Indian motorcycle? No, they do not at all, in actual a true biker must ride in the rain or shine and take it head on no matter the weather and feel the wind on their face which they call wind therapy. Bikers either ride together or alone and if they ride alone they are Lone Wolfs and that is for another blog. When bikers ride together and in groups they have a Road Captain for meeting places and departure times, speed, intervals and distances, traffic lanes, lane changes and passing, hand signals, safety equipment, gas stops, rest stops, and unscheduled or emergency stops. Real bikers that ride together also have Middle Road Captain and Road Captain (SWEEP). This is for safety of the group of bikers who ride.

Does riding any motorcycle besides a Harley not make you a true biker? The answer is no, not at all. Any type of motorcycle with two or three wheels are what true bikers ride. From what I have seen or spoke to I would state that about 80% of true bikers are riding Harley Davidson’s. There are hard core bikers that do wear the leather with patches and have beards and some do not at all. It just all depends on that person and how they ride. If the person riding refuses to ride in the rain then I say they are not a biker and that is just my opinion. No one likes to ride in the rain but if they are stuck in the rain they just go with the flow. Real bikers also respect another and expect to be respected also. There is no reason to rush to catch up if you are all riding as they will slow down or pull over to meet at the next stop.

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